Listen to the story of Vikram The Brave Warrior, who stars his life as a weaver, but goes on to kill and elephant, a tiger, and defeat the King’s enemy. He even becomes a King himself. But why was he called Vikram the Brave? Listen to learn more.

This story was obtained from public domain sources, but has been revised and rewritten by Amar Vyas and narrated by Sheerali Biju for gaatha story. Music and images obtained from public domain sources or Creative Commons license. Audio editing by Albert Lakra.

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About This Story

This story was translated into English by Flora Annie Steel in the late 19th Century. An excerpt from the story is as follows:

Once upon a time there lived a little weaver, by name Vikram, but because his head was big, his legs thin, and he was altogether small, and weak, and ridiculous, his neighbours called him Vicky—Little Vicky the Weaver.

But despite his size, his thin legs, and his ridiculous appearance, Vicky was very valiant, and loved to talk for hours of his bravery, and the heroic acts he would perform if Fate gave him an opportunity. Only Fate did not, and in consequence Vicky remained little Vicky the valiant weaver, who was laughed at by all for his boasting.


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