We bring to you a new bedtime story for kids with every episode of Baalgatha podcast. This week’s story with moral is titled The Jackal and the Peahen. A Jackal and a peahen are friends, and often eat together. The Peahen once eats plums and sows the seeds of the plum into the ground. She tells the Jackal that she is acting on the advise of her mother: In time, the trees grow tall and big and start yielding fruits. The Jackal feels offended and replies that he also buries the bones, hoping that a tree will grow out of the bones. Over time, the Peahen continues to make fun of the Jackal. What does the savage Jackal do in return? What moral do we learn from this story?

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Have you listened to the story go Lamibkin the lamb? How is this story similar or different than the Jackal and the Peahen?

About this story

This story was originally translated into English by Flora Annie Steel. It has been revised by Amar Vyas and narrated by Sheerali Bjiu for gaatha story.

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