Baalgatha Podcast

The word gaatha means a Story. And under the gaatha series, we will bring you stories that you may like! We launched our first podcast Baalgatha in June 2016.

What is Baalgatha?

Baalgatha literally means childrens’ stories.Each week, we will bring you two classic stories from India and around the world, alternating in English and Hindi. We bring to  you stories from Panchatantra, Jataka and other sources, we also narrate content created by contemporary authors. With over 15,000 downloads every week and Fifty Five-Star reviews on iTunes within six months of the launch, Baalgatha is availabe in English, Hindi and soon in many other Indian languages.


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Are the stories really free?

Short answer: Yes. Here’s another way of asking this question: Did your grandmother charge you for narrating a story? The answer is No.

The stories we publish are classic tales that have been passed on from one generation to another, and since these stories are available in the public domain, why should someone charge you for listening to them?

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You can subscribe to this podcast by sending us a message  on WhatsApp at +91-9850800464 from your Mobile Phone to receive stories via WhatsApp.

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