Welcome to stories for mid-October! We are pleased to present the following stories:

Baalgatha English

How Birbal Caught The Thief

Listen to this short but hilarious story of how Birbal caught the thief from a merchant’s house. This story was narrated by Nitisha for Baalgatha English Podcast.

Click below to listen

Baalgatha Hindi

एक तालाब के किनारी दो मेंढक रहते हैं। एक दिन वह मेंढक शहर जाने का विचार करते हैं । शहर में मेंढक क्या देखते हैं? जानिए इस कहानी को सुन कर नीतिशा की आवाज़ में ।

Fairytales of India

Click to listen Parts I, II and III of Ranavir Singh and Prince Sundar

Veergatha English Podcast

In this episode of Veergatha Podcast, listen to the story of Kunwar Divyansh Singh and how he received the Bravery Award in 2018.


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