About gaatha

What is gaatha?

We started gaatha story with the aim of producing stories that you will love to listen.

The word gaatha itself means a story. So, gaatha story literally means “story, story”. We believe that is exactly you would like to experience: listening to one awesome story after another.

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Our Journey So Far


We began the groundwork for gaatha story in September 2015, when the first ten episodes of MyKitaab Podcast were recorded.


Launch of MyKitaab and Baalgatha Podcast.

We also launched Digital PowWoW, and worked with corporate clients and individuals to produce high quality audio shows. You can learn more about our custom shows by visiting the Archives page.


Launch of NRI: Now, Returned to India and Hindi edition of Baalgatha in early 2017, followed by Myths, Legends and Fairytales of India in April that year.


Launch of Startup Nibbles, and preparations to launch Baalgatha in two more languages- Marathi and Telugu. Groundwork for the shows we will launch in 2019.

What Sets Us Apart

Over the past three years, we have launched eight different podcasts in three languages These include MyKitaab (How to Publish and Market Your Books); Baalgatha (Children’s bedtime stories), Myths,Legends and Fairytales of India (podcast of fantasy and fairytales) and Startup Nibbles .

While launching every show, we have followed the following three principles that we believe set us apart.

Evergreen Content

We believe that content should be evergreen, and should appeal to the listener many, many years after the episode was originally launched.

Multi Languages

India is home to several languages, many of which are spoken by tens of millions of people. Multi-language shows are the way to go.

High Quality, Quick Turnaround Time

We have a no compromise policy when it comes to sound quality. We have also created processes that allow for a quick turnaround time from ideation to release.

Who Are We?

We work with a network of narrators, editors and artists who help us bring our vision to life.  Sheerali, Anupama and Lalita are some of the narrators we work with. Albert and Krishnadas are our awesome editors. They form our extended team.
We are always on the look out for artists including story writers, editors. If you would like to work with us, visit this page.