On this archive page, you will find podcasts and custom shows that we created along our journey. We consider them to be milestones that helped us reach where we are. We have also worked with startups and nonprofits to create custom shows for them as a means of customer connect and branding. If you would like to learn more, you can connect with us.

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Digital PowWow: Digital and Social Media

We launched this podcast in early 2016 to discuss the trends, tools, and techniques for digital and social media. Our goal was to help your business use social media and digital marketing effectively. Each week, Amar Vyas and social media personality Kiruba Shankar spoke about how digital marketing and social media can help you, the practitioner of this trade, in creating a positive impact on your business. We covered topics such as Quora, Instagram, Blogs, and of course, Podcasts. Season I of this podcast concluded in March 2016 and this show has now been archived.

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Custom Show : AEEE

Alliance for and Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE), a  nonprofit in the energy space, was looking for a way to capture the discussions with influencers, thought leaders and researchers in the energy management space. gaatha story proposed to them a five part audio series that did exactly that!

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You can listen to episodes from this series on Soundcloud.


E-Cube is a company in the energy monitoring, analytics and consulting space. gaatha story created a six episode series featuring Umesh Bhutoria, founder of E-Cube, as a means of branding and customer connect.

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You can listen to this series on Soundcloud.

Fundraising campaign for a Nonprofit

As a part of fundraising campaign by a nonprofit, gaatha story created a three part series in which key personnel of the nonprofit were interviewed to achieve a better personal connect. Our scope included ideation, storyboarding, production and marketing.

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Episodes from this show are available on request.